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Rubble Tourism

October 18, 2011

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This is a new writing project which is self explanatory, rubble tourism. Documenting rubble.

When built spaces are destroyed, preserved, or rebuilt it shows what that society views as important.

Most of my posts will show places where I live in Guangdong province. Two weeks ago I visited the city of Foshan and photographed the destruction of several Lingnan  style buildings. Most of those photos  are on my travel blog.

Right now cities are becoming ambiguous. If its possible to travel the world and see the same building, eat the same fast food, while speaking only one language, traveling become obsolete.

If not disappearing a better word is recycled. Materials that once served a purpose are smashed, they evolve into something else cities remain in a state of physical contortion.

Sometimes the destruction is widely protested b the community and developers, governments, and residents butt heads. Sometimes the destruction is welcome.

Many places have too many bad memories live for anyone to miss them. Some buildings only hold shame, and when the sledge hammers arrive the community feels a detox. Like the removal of a tumor.

The question that should be asked is how do people get the message that their culture is not worth preserving?

When I talk to people in many of these disappearing villages I get mixed reactions to what’s going on. Some people feel helpless against the nations race to modernize and lost in a futuristic world they don’t understand; while others see the destruction as a mark of success, pumped with adrenaline addicted to everything new. This will all be shown in my writing and photography.

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